15794 SW 56th St, Miami FL 33185
  (corner of 157th)       305 383 7733

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Stephanie N.
Miami, FL

This place is in an under-developed strip mall and it's the first place that has opened. I'm pretty sure this is hurting its business significantly. I can't wait for Menchies and Bonsai to open nearby

When we came in, we were literally the only ones there. The inside is very cool. With two wooden communal tables and chalkboard walls. The guy behind the counter kindly explained the lunch special (2 slices of pizza and a soda for $5) or we could just share a pie, which is what we ended up doing because my high maintenance bf wanted a fresh pizza, LOL. (He's really not high-maintenance, only when it comes to pizza)

We got a mushroom pizza to go and a small garlic bread. ($23) We watched as they rolled out the dough right in front of us and layed out all the ignredients. It was out within minutes! SOOO GOOD! The mushrooms are so fresh and thinly sliced, so they're nice and tender when they come out. The crust is also nicely charred on the bottom. I'll be back for the lunch special for sure!

Virginia M.
Miami, FL

1/31/2012 1 photo 1 Check-in Here
Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza nemesis?! I think so. 

Let me break it down for you. My boyfriend and I ordered from this place on a whim which made me a bit nervous since I didn't even know this place existed.

+ 1 star for service: whoever took my order was patient and friendly with me and so was the delivery guy
+ 1 star for delivery time: when they said they would be there in 35 minutes, they were
+ 1 star for pizza itself: definitely coal fired pizza with A LOT of toppings! I was a very happy camper
+ 1 star for tasty goodness: yes, because it was quite yummy! 
+ 1 star for price: cheaper than Anthony's but just as many toppings
- 0.5 star for size: though it's an awesome pizza, i ordered a large and the size looked like a medium. Not cool. 
-0.5 star for menu: though they have the basics, they don't have much else. Appetizers are salad and garlic bread (though the garlic bread is in the shape of a pizza...) 

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